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Hello there, happy new year.

During update (I manually update every 6-12 months) my disk was full so import failed.

My postgres nominatim-db is fine (?). How should I continue? It is a problem if I re-import from geofabrik and index?

(To gain space I used compression in btrfs. 100GiB free out of 0bytes free! Some optimization is missing from postgres?)

asked 30 Dec '17, 21:04

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As long as the database is not corrupted, you can simply restart the updates and they will pick up where they errored the last time. Check the Postgres log files for errors.

However, if you really only update once every 6-12 months, I strongly recommend that you simply drop the database and reimport from scratch every time. The database will remain much smaller (updates tend to bloat the database), you can update to newer versions of Nominatim (recent versions create a much smaller database), and you can use the --drop option during import which frees a lot of space on your disk once the import is finished.

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answered 03 Jan '18, 11:44

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Thank you. I don't see any fatal messages in /var/log/postgreslq-X.log but I am newbie in postgresql.

In that case I have to build a second database, switch to second db and then delete the first. Maybe too complicated to my project, unless the gains are too high. Do you know (approx.) the difference in speed and size?

Currently I use compression with btrfs and it seems fine.

compsize /db-eu-9.5/
Processed 8177 files, 7262783 regular extents (9635308 refs), 19 inline.
Type       Perc     Disk Usage   Uncompressed Referenced
Data        42%      142G         334G         292G
none       100%       56G          56G          54G
zlib        30%       86G         278G         237G

du -hs /db-eu-9.5/ 
293G    /db-eu-9.5/

Here we have a compression party

compsize /flat-nodes-eu 
Type       Perc     Disk Usage   Uncompressed Referenced  
Data        48%      1.6G         3.3G         2.4G       
none       100%      1.4G         1.4G         1.4G       
zlib         9%      181M         1.8G         981M

ls -lh /flat-nodes-eu 
-rw------- 1 postgres postgres 39G Ιαν   4 23:06 /flat-nodes-eu
(04 Jan '18, 21:08) RandomGreekT...

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