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I'm preparing a building for indoor mapping, and while doing so, I'm merging adjacent walls from two rooms (which were drawn separately). Thus many pairs of nodes end up containing two ways, each of them part of one of the rooms sharing the wall.

I thought this was the standard way to do things (it seemed to work without issues for outdoor mapping, e.g. for adjacent buildings), but on upload, JOSM emits warnings about "Overlapping ways" everywhere. I then tried looking for other buildings already mapped for indoors, such as the Louvre, but it also has the same validation issues, so I don't know where to find a "correct" example of indoor mapping that gets no warnings.

I'm supposing that such warnings mean that there should be a way to do it without getting them. If so, how to do it? Otherwise, should I just ignore them?

asked 27 Dec '17, 15:33

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Could you just send us the osm code of a set of objects like the one you mention, or upload the .osm file somewhere (Dropbox...) so we can check?

(27 Dec '17, 16:13) edvac

I can confirm that correctly mapped rooms (indoor=room) with shared nodes will trigger validation warnings in JOSM. There are other incorrect validation results related to indoor mapping, too, such as warnings about duplicated nodes for features located above each other on different levels.

Keep in mind that the validator warnings in JOSM are merely an indicator that something might be wrong – but the validator may very well be mistaken, as in this case. Seeing how indoor mapping is still a rather niche topic in OSM, it's quite likely that JOSM has simply not yet been updated to know about the relevant tags.

For your particular issue, you could theoretically work around the limitation by adding area=yes tags to your rooms. However, I don't recommend that. Instead, it's best to just ignore this warning for the time being – there's an "ignore" button in the validator dialog for such situations – and report the issue to the JOSM developers so they can improve the validator.

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answered 27 Dec '17, 17:52

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