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Is there a way where I can go back and see my mapping activity? I need to log hours for school so I need something on here that shows my mapping activity, preferably something with map durations or the times when I login/logout. Thanks.

asked 13 Dec '17, 02:01

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Max Kloberdanz
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If you fire up the editor and log in, that alone doesn't leave any traces in OSM. Editing alone does neither; only if you upload your work will this be recorded.

Looking forward, what you could do is include a time spec in your upload comment each time you upload, e.g. "added houses on XYZ street (30min)". Then you can look at your changeset history later and sum up the numbers.

Looking back, for the changesets where you didn't do that, the only thing you can realistically do is count how many objects you've edited in each changeset and apply a rough multiplier (tracing a house - 30 seconds, adding a POI - 1 minute, something like that) and see what you get.

Your edit history is here:

permanent link

answered 13 Dec '17, 07:14

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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A slightly more advanced view of your edit history is provided by the "How Did You Contribute" tool which can be found here (OSM login required):

It will tell you your total objects edited and has a GitHub style activity graph. Since it is a 3rd party site, it won't update in real time. I don't know how often it gets updated but it could be a day or two.

(13 Dec '17, 07:32) ToeBee

To add to ToeBee's suggestion, the neis-one heat map may be of interest. I find it interesting myself, either to look at my contributions, or to see what areas other editors have been active in.

(13 Dec '17, 07:51) keithonearth

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