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The warehouse club chain BJ's Wholesale often has a fuel station (amenity=fuel) at it's store location, but the fuel station is only accessible for members of BJ's. [The pumps actually require scanning your membership card before turning on.] My question is what to do about these. There are two options I have come up with

  1. Just don't add them.
  2. Tag them with an "access"

While (1) seems like the easiest, I think leaving them out isn't fair to people who may be BJ's members who are looking for fuel in a new area.

That leave's (2). The next question is "What access?" Without creating a new access tag, I think either "private" or "customer" would work. I find myself more drawn to "private" as one could say "I am going to buy fuel there, therefore I am a 'customer'."


asked 30 Jun '11, 19:21

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As far as I know, tagging the customers-only fuel station with access=private is "much better" compared to not mapping it.

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answered 01 Jul '11, 03:52

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I'd go with access=private too. Access=customers sounds a bit weak to me as being a customer is not the same as being a member.

Maybe you could go with access=member... I don't think it has seen widespread use yet and there's no telling how it'll be rendered, but it sounds like a better fit and would be usefull in many other cases.

(01 Jul '11, 11:17) Vincent de P... ♦

@Vincent I like the "access=member" and I see it is also in the RFC stage for "access restrictions 1.5" (

(02 Jul '11, 20:22) jwernerny

I'm not sure it's really "private" - there are truly private fuel stations at places like remote farms. Taginfo suggests perhaps "access=customers" or perhaps even "permissive"?

You could also ask on the tagging mailing list - I'm sure that you'll get lots of suggestions there. Some of those I'm sure will be wildly contradictory, but they might give you more ideas. Ultimately you're best placed to pick a value because you're familiar with "BJ's Wholesale" and we're not.

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answered 01 Jul '11, 11:23

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for the suggestion on the mailing list. I'll check it out.

(02 Jul '11, 20:19) jwernerny

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