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I loaded the map for Portugal yesterday and am missing and an important part of the map, about five kilometers south of Lisbon Portugal. Can anyone help me solve the mystery of why I would be missing a substantial portion of the Portugal map? I loaded it onto a Garmin, model 600 Oregon . I have not done a software update since I have purchased the Garmin, about 3 years. I have successfully loaded openstreetmaps as recently as July of 2017, for Spain and France. Cheers Norm Howard

asked 08 Dec '17, 18:01

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Just to confirm, where did you get this map from? There are lots of places offering downloadable maps based on OSM data for Portugal.

(08 Dec '17, 18:03) SomeoneElse ♦

I downloaded the map from thanks Norman

(08 Dec '17, 18:24) normanhoward85

Exactly what part of the map are you missing? Does OSM have data there?

(08 Dec '17, 18:38) Hjart

Hi Norman, please could you provide a link to with the location in question? Just zoom on the relevant area and copy the link from your browser's address bar. Is the part shown on that map?

(10 Dec '17, 21:09) aseerel4c26 ♦

alt text

I am guessing you may not have selected all the tiles, maybe. Just try again. EDIT I have just downloaded nl Portugal myself (see above ) and opened it with Basecamp, I choose the Garmin .img file which i installed in file called Garmin and on a memory stick. It looks ok to me, can you post a screenshot from Basecamp showing the problem

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answered 08 Dec '17, 21:18

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andy mackey
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I do not know if osm has data there. How could I determine that please?It does appear that I am missing about 6 tiles, all south of Lisbon. I have tried it several times, first time I did the whole country of Portugal, and the second time I manually selected the tiles.

(08 Dec '17, 21:35) normanhoward85

Does the main map show the missing data? if so try downloading again, maybe after nl do an update.

(09 Dec '17, 08:02) andy mackey

I have downloaded several Garmin UK maps before and testing this for you as prompted me to try a new UK map from nl ( there are two versions available on the nl site, i choose the "new" one) I like it. Thanks

(09 Dec '17, 17:43) andy mackey

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