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I've come across this a couple of times recently. There will be a detailed curve describing a building or wall with 20-50+ nodes describing it. I'd like to attach an area to another detailed one, e.g. a park that starts next to a really curvy wall. I'd prefer not to have to find 50 closely packed nodes and click 50 times. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will add the next node in a new area to be shared with the next node in an existing area? I instinctively tried using the arrow key pointing toward the next node, but sadly that didn't work. I see a mention of using 'f' in the Potlach editor, but I'd prefer not to have to use Flash.

asked 07 Dec '17, 22:23

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You can use the "F" trick in JOSM too:

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answered 07 Dec '17, 23:00

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I actually tried that. Maybe I'm not in "expert mode"?

(07 Dec '17, 23:43) IcyMidnight

Check the last option in the "View" menu: to enable expert mode

(08 Dec '17, 08:33) Hjart

note: I use the parallel tool with potlatch2 so that i don't end up with shared nodes which can a real pain later if someone wishes to edit one polygon but not the other one or two... Not sure if JOSM as a parallel tool.

(08 Dec '17, 09:08) andy mackey

In the case of polygons I much prefer that they do share nodes where they meet (I prefer that polygons do not share nodes with any highway=* though). With the mentioned Followline tool it's fairly easy to separate polygons where needed.

(08 Dec '17, 09:14) Hjart

Apparently we're talking about different editors. I'm asking about the iD editor. Any way to follow in that one?

(08 Dec '17, 11:55) IcyMidnight

It's not currently possible in iD. There's an open feature request:

(08 Dec '17, 12:32) maxerickson
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