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I'd like to run a local instance of OSM with a local db and enable it for updating (adding location point information specific to my industry), but I also want to be able to update my local db with current information from OSM periodically. How do I do that without overwriting my local updates?

I found this question, which seems related:

It would seem I can saved my edits, and then use Osmosis, osmconvert, or osmium to create an .osc file. Can I then download a new JOSM file and apply the .osc file? Would it be feasible to then repeat this process, say, once a month?

If I'm wrong, is there another way to do this?

Not really asking right now for the instruction list on how to do all of this, just hoping someone can confirm this scenario is possible.

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When I had a similar issue I simply put the local data into a separate database. In my case I was rendering a map for printing and it was easy to setup the map rendering to apply the local data as layers on top of the OSM data. When I wanted to update the OSM data it was simple, just delete all the OSM tables, etc. and re-import the OSM data.

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