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I have some data I want to add to OSM base map, but to only make that available for me and a select few people, it's commercially sensitive so dont want to general release, is this possible?

I did a search for "Private Layer" and "Custom layer" so forgive me as a new user if I got the terminology wrong

asked 30 Jun '11, 10:56

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You cannot add things to OSM if you don't want others to see them, because OSM is a publicly available database. However what you can do is use OSM as a "base map" and display your proprietary data on top. If your proprietary data is small in volume, this could be as easy as providing a KML file on a server you control (see e.g. the Best of OSM web site that uses that technology). If you have more data then you'll probably want a more elaborate solution, either one were your additional data is retrieved from a database that you operate, or where it is even rendered directly into the map (using TileMill or other rendering technologies).

So yes, you can use OpenStreetMap data, but OpenStreetMap doesn't provide free infrastructure to host your proprietary data - you'll have to do that yourself.

Please also read the answers to Using maps in an application with a closed user group.

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answered 30 Jun '11, 11:04

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Ah right, was hoping to make like a custom POI file that could be added to use on there cell phones. I will investigate further but thanx for your help

(30 Jun '11, 11:45) DominicM

I'm sure some of the myriad mobile map apps will have the option of loading a custom/local POI file and displaying it on top of OSM maps. Search for "iphone" or "android" on the OSM wiki to get to a list of applications.

(30 Jun '11, 12:18) Frederik Ramm ♦

Any link to a video tutorial on how to do this?

(06 Apr '14, 05:18) joshua robison
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