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Users are talking of "Potlatch" very often. I heard it's some kind of editor? Where can I download it?

asked 10 Jul '10, 19:59

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edited 14 Mar '12, 19:18

Potlatch is an open source Open Street Map editor written to work in your web browser (by using the Flash plugin). It's currently the default editor on -- when you click the Edit tab you're using Potlatch! No need to download anything.

For more information, a user guide, and other help see the Potlatch wiki page.

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answered 10 Jul '10, 20:22

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The above answers about potlatch are right - regarding the software/flash-program to edit maps. But the name "potlatch" is an ancient Indian tradition within some tribes where the chief of a tribe "held a potlatch" - thus giving gifts to his men and representatives from other tribes.

So to speak the software is a gift to the community - in order to make the whole tribe work/cooperate in a better way.

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answered 10 Jul '10, 21:02

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Don't refer to other answers in your own answer, since you could get upvoted and/or they could be removed. Instead try to write the "single best answer" to the question.

(13 Jul '10, 10:07) Andy Allan

Potlatch is the editor on the OpenStreetMap website that you can access by clicking on the "Edit" tab. It's written in Flash and isn't meant to be downloaded.

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answered 10 Jul '10, 20:02

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That which should be banned.

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answered 11 Jul '10, 16:37

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For those not in the know: Potatch banning is a popular joke theme in osm circles not least because the original potlatches were indeed banned. Also some people genuinely do not like potlatch the editor. They're generally ignored.

(11 Jul '10, 19:22) randomjunk

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