i am trying to install the openstreetmap website in production, as i see in the installation and configuring page link text,link text it is recommended to install the Phusion Passenger, CGIMap

so while i was trying to figure out how to do this i have found This Docker container for OpenStreetMap Website (aka 'Rails Port') link text,link text,link text

but it is a bit old so i haven't been able to follow it while still use the new instructions from the official osm-website installation page

so can you help me and others make a good documentation with all recommendations for linux newbies like me :)

asked 04 Dec '17, 06:49

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Can you explain what you're original goal is? The openstreetmap-website is not really something someone would have to deploy normally. What are you trying to do?

(04 Dec '17, 09:32) rorym

Hi rorym I am building a geo-social website with openstreetmap in its core and as I did understand I need the api to reply for map requests and also the site will offer the ability for users to edit the map in their neighborhood

(04 Dec '17, 16:00) engragy

So to be clear - you want users to be able to contribute data to your a database at your own site, and that data won't ever go to openstreetmap.org?

If you do want data to be contributed to openstreetmap.org you probably need to create a different website rather than doing what you are currently doing.

(04 Dec '17, 16:03) SomeoneElse ♦

hi someoneelse i do plan to upload changes in the database through josm as change sets or if i can make changes uploaded automatically that would be great, but if there is another way i would like to know about it as it will make things easier for me

(04 Dec '17, 17:51) engragy

So when someone uses your website will they be updating the data at your site or at OSM?

(04 Dec '17, 18:04) SomeoneElse ♦

the data will be updated on my website which will work for my country (egypt), but i don't know if there is something to make the changes apply to osm instantly rather than uploading changes afterwards if that is not acceptable for osm team, i really do admire the osm project and opensource projects as a whole but the reason i thought about making an osm server on localhost instead of using it is that a highspeed internet in my country is very expensive and also i read about limits for using osm because of resources

(04 Dec '17, 18:24) engragy

If you want to use the data to update OSM you really want the users to be editing there directly, otherwise you'll just get into a complete mess where someone in "your" OSM has added an object, and someone in "the real" OSM has also added it, causing duplication.

One way to do what you want might be to host a version of iD in your website pointing at OSM, and have the maps on your site updated based on OSM minutely diffs.

(04 Dec '17, 18:31) SomeoneElse ♦

awesome solution, so you mean when someone make an edit it will go to real osm with minutely diffs technique and i configure a script to receive diffs for my tiles .. right

(04 Dec '17, 18:44) engragy

Nearly - they're updating OSM directly, and you update the tiles at your end based on minutely diffs. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:SomeoneElse/Ubuntu_1604_tileserver_load#Updating_your_database_as_people_edit_OpenStreetMap for one example of how to do that.

(04 Dec '17, 18:47) SomeoneElse ♦

hi someoneelse can you tell me how to configure my local id editor to point the users edits to openstreetmap.org

(08 Dec '17, 12:52) engragy

No, never done that, sorry...

(08 Dec '17, 14:30) SomeoneElse ♦
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