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Hello, new to Openstreetmap.

On the map I need to delete a section of a local path that is not accessible anymore. On the map, when I click on that section I find out that it is part of a longer track. I would therefore need a function to detach the section I want to delete from the rest of the track, in order to delete only that particular section and not the whole track.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

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Assuming you are using the web editor ("ID Editor"), click on the way you want to modify to see its consituent points. Then

  • either right-click on one of the points, and select the scissors symbol to cut the way in half at this location. Repeat at the other end if necessary to cut in three parts. Afterwards, delete the part you don't need.
  • or, if the part you want to remove is at the end of an existing way and not in the middle, right-click on each point forming that part of the way you want to remove, and select the trash symbol to delete that point.

If the part that is "not accessible anymore" still exists but is just very low quality, or maybe prohibited to use, then consider changing the tags or adding tags (e.g. access=no) to the inaccessible bit instead of deleting it.

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answered 03 Dec '17, 21:20

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