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Hi. I'm from Portugal and i'm new at this.

I decided to add buildings, streets, a skate park, green areas and a coffe here where i live that weren't on the map.

This is what is shows: (i added the green area)

And this is what i added and it's now showing on the map, only appear when i click on "edit":

What am i doing wrong? Could someone help me and fix this, if possible?


asked 02 Dec '17, 14:31

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Hi, I do see it correctly, if you don't see it I guess you should clear your browser cache ( Ctrl+F5 ) and then the park will appear. What are you doing wrong?

1- I'd remove this one because it is a duplicate of the park you added with this area, generally speaking I do think that parks should always be mapped as areas and almost never as a single node

2- what does "S." stand for? generally you should use the full name, not just a part of it (St > Saint and stuff like that)

3- this skatepark maybe should be mapped as an area with the leisure=pitch and sport=skateboard tags, because right now it is tagged as a park named "Skate Park S. Simão", which is not correct, because the park here is just one (this one )

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answered 02 Dec '17, 15:17

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edited 02 Dec '17, 15:18

Thanks Constable! I did clean my browser cache and now it's all showing up. But i still have questions!

I just made the changes as you suggested and i didn't realised there was a duplicate park.. my mistake! I hope it is all good now.

But, new questions:

I also though the road i added would appear as a normal road, just like any other. But it's not. It's a new road they build months ago but it's just for purposes of a parking lot. Should i tag as a parking lot? And i also added a building (a parish council) that is not there on the main map. Why not?

Thanks once again :)

And you deserve a big upvote!

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answered 02 Dec '17, 15:37

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Hi, you're welcome! Have a look a this node tags , there is still a leisure=park tag on it, it means that if I look at the map I do still see two parks and . Open the map editor you're using, select that skatepark node, scroll down and remove that leisure_1 tag, then replace the leisure=park with leisure=pitch, that would transform the park into a pitch.

Is this one the road you're referring to? If this thing is just a road used to access a parking area you should tag it as a highway=service and then create an area to tag as amenity=parking, in order to point out that this area is a parking, just like that .

If this one is the building you're referring to , it doesn't appear on the map because it is mapped as a node, if you want to make it appear you have to draw it as an area and then you can merge that area with that node or just move that node on the building.

(02 Dec '17, 15:57) Constable

Thanks again :) you're amazing!

I did all you said but i'm not sure if i did correctly. Could you check one last time? And for some reason i still can see 2 parks but i deleted the tag leisure=park ...

I already added the buildings (the coffe and the parish council) and the parking lot. I think i did it well..

(03 Dec '17, 15:16) Andreiascp

Hi, the building appeared on the map but it looks like it has a strange shape. Most of the times buildings have a square shape (90 degrees angles), if you think this one makes no exception you should square it off (right click on it and you'll find the square button).

Parking lot looks good.

The park needs still some work instead. Seems like you created a relation but relations shouldn't be used in cases like this one. Relation are used when two or more objects of the map are someway related, it may be the case of a hundred of road sections that together creates a bus route or it may be the case of a building with "holes" in its shape Here you can find out more about relations

Right now I think you should delete that park relation, merge this two lines and, then tag that area as a leisure=park, give it the S.Simao Park name and disconnect it from the nearby road

(04 Dec '17, 09:11) Constable

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