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I don't know where I have to address me.

For my region in Belgium I try to map these tags but there is a big problem! Since a few years, the east part of Belgium is, for the questions of heritage, autonomous responsible. So the three existing parts have to be completed with a fourth one.

I have contacts with the responsible civil servant of the communty for all values for the different tags. They send me also the icon used here.

Which person can help me to add these values in the (international) database?

(Answers in German or french are welkome). Thank you very much.

asked 30 Nov '17, 10:03

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Here are my thoughts (as someone who mapped quite some heritage in Flanders):

  • as you present it, it seems like an import, as you will add the data that someone else provides you. Hence, you have to follow the import guidelines.
  • The heritage items are certainly not complete in the other regions. I try to map as much as possible, but the data from Onroerend Erfgoed is not always up-to-date and I have contacted them already several times about demolished buildings. This means that I first visit the place in person before adding it.
  • I maintain the JOSM plugin Mapping in Belgium, I can extend it for your regions, but I need some additional information, e.g the operator and the different categories they support. Please update the Heritage page section for Belgium.
  • You'll find my email address at the bottom of the article on heritage I wrote for the Belgian website

p.s. this is not the typical question for the this website, you can better contact the Belgian community on the mailing list, or on the Riot Channel

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answered 30 Nov '17, 11:14

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