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About four months ago I registered at OSM with editing privileges and I edited the Acadia carriage road network to add or correct all the carriage road names and intersection numbers according to the current park map. When I go back into the OSM standard map now I cannot see any of my intersection number edits on the map, but if I click on an intersection I can see the record of my edit and the number I added.

How can I see the intersection numbers on the OSM standard map so I can export an OSM map for the carriage road area that has all my edits and create a GPX file that I can use with Gaia or MotionX on my iPhone?

asked 29 Nov '17, 02:54

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You can see all of your edits through the Overpass Turbo service, you can also export these data in the few different formats (including GPX):

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answered 29 Nov '17, 03:27

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Note that this will only return objects that have been last touched by this user.

(29 Nov '17, 08:09) scai ♦

Thank you for your response kocio. The view I get at Overpass Turbo is similar to the view I get (now) in the OSM editor - all of my intersection numbers show up as small circles on the map and you can't see the actual numbers unless you click on them to see the underlying data. When I originally made the edits in the OSM editor they showed up as actual numbers by each intersection, rather than as circles representing underlying data.

I am new to OSM (an understatement!) and I guess I need more education on how to make edits such as intersection numbers that actually show up in the OSM Standard and Cycling maps.

(29 Nov '17, 13:09) NHBiker
(29 Nov '17, 14:30) neuhausr

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