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I have been experimenting with a local instance of Rails Port. I used osmosis to load a small pbf of my neighborhood. Using JOSM I edited some data on the local instance. Then a few weeks later I downloaded the latest osm of my neighborhood. Using osmosis I generated a .osc file, a diff between my postgres database and the new osm file. I opened the .osc file with JOSM where I could see the changes, but I couldn't upload the changes to local postgres database. It shows a conflict and upon giving sync, both entire data set and specific node it wouldn't upload ans keep showing the same conflict message.

P.S.: yes I have a user account on local Rails Port instance with what I can upload data manually and yes I changed the OSM Server URL to point my local instance which is http://localhost:3000/api

Thanks in advance!

asked 21 Nov '17, 11:57

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Sawan Shariar
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Have you really created a diff between your database and the new osm file, or a diff between the old pbf file and the new osm file? -- Could you post the conflict error message?

(21 Nov '17, 12:33) Frederik Ramm ♦

yes, I created a diff between my database and the new osm file. Error message from JOSM: 'Conflicts detected Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one of your nodes, ways, or relations. The conflict is caused by the node with id 1,472,108,803, the server has version 1, your version is 2. Click to Synchronize node 1,472,108,803 only to synchronize the conflicting primitive only. Click to Synchronize entire dataset to synchronize the entire local dataset with the server.Click Cancel to abort and continue editing.' If I click on any of them it syncs with the database and gives me the same conflict error.

(23 Nov '17, 13:22) Sawan Shariar

The versions of the objects in your .osc have somehow been incremented and no longer match what's in the database. As per Elements:

"Version: Integer - The edit version of the object. Newly created objects start at version 1 and the value is incremented by the server when a client uploads a new version of the object. The server will reject a new version of an object if the version sent by the client does not match the current version of the object in the database."

Once you upload the modified objects with the same version as in the database, the server will then increment the version number for you.

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answered 23 Nov '17, 16:57

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so how do you suggest I go ahead with the marge?

(25 Nov '17, 09:12) Sawan Shariar

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