Hi all,

Looking for some assistance with Mapping and I think (emphasis on think) OpenStreetMap is where I need to be concentrating my attention so hoping you can help!

I help run a bar in Nottingham and we have many customers who are on Snapchat while they are here. I am not sure how familiar everyone is with Snapchat but when you are at a venue, you can open Snapchat and add a 'Geofilter' to your pics/videos based on your location - which is really handy for us from a word of mouth perspective. The particular Geofilters that I am referring to are generic filters which are pulled automatically from some database/map based on the user's location (ie https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/15/snapchat-foursquare/ ), however I am not 100% sure where the data is pulled from (my assumption is OpenStreetMap).

The trouble is, when my customers open Snapchat, my bar (Raglan Road Irish Bar, Nottingham) does not show up in the list of location filters for them to add. The filters that show up are my neighbours/competitors (Debsh, Warsaw Diner, Hand & Heart), some of which are a couple of hundred feet away!

My assumption was that my location was not set correctly and neither were my competitors however I have checked OpenStreetMap and everything seems to be set up correctly for my bar (and similarly, the venues that are showing up to my customers on Snapchat), so my question is - does anyone have any ideas/anything I may be overlooking? Anyone have any experience with Snapchat/Maps?

Thanks in advance! Ross

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This pub? Seems to be fine.

According to this article Snapchat uses Foursquare. But only for the web version. Wikipedia mentions that Foursquare did use Google for their Android app at least until 2014. A partnership with Microsoft is also mentioned. So no idea where their data comes from today.

However it looks like Google Maps has your bar. Bing maps doesn't. So it could be Bing map's fault.

Try to add your pub to Bing maps (no idea how to do that, sorry). And try to ask Snapchat where they get their locations from.

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Foursquare maintains their own "Place" database.

(19 Nov '17, 18:55) maxerickson

Thanks for the prompt response!

Yep that's the one, seems fine to me too which is why I'm confused!

I've also checked our FourSquare listing and that seems fine also.

I've asked Snapchat and they just referred me to this list of integrations, but not really what I was looking for - https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/a/integrated-features

I'll try adding to Bing Maps, thanks for the suggestion.

(19 Nov '17, 18:57) RossH1

Just a thought - it doesn't have you down as "The Hawksley" does it? It's not that long since the name changed. Whichever, if your data's OK in OSM (which it appears to be) you'll need to chase Snap or whoever they use for data (possibly Foursquare, as you mention in the question). There have questions here before about OSM data consumers not updating their data from OSM very quickly (or at all), and unfortunately there's not a lot we can do about it. - Andy (occasional visitor to the Hand & Heart next door)

(19 Nov '17, 21:24) SomeoneElse ♦

Awesome, thanks for the responses.

Nope The Hawksley doesn't show up either, the 3 locations which show up when I am inside the bar is Hand & Heart & Debsh & Warsaw Diner (which aren't even that close to my location!).

Snap haven't been able to provide an answer after a fair bit of back and forth, just that they use 3rd party data to help determine the locations. I'm trying to work it out by process of elimination to work it out anyway for future, will report back if I get anywhere.

So far I've amended few details on OSM, changed the name on Google Maps/Google My Business data (used to be 'Raglan Road Irish Bar Nottingham' and wondered if this was too long/mismatch so shortened to match OSM & others ie 'Raglan Road')

Next up is have a play about in FourSquare and see if that does the trick.

Thanks again!

(23 Nov '17, 14:45) RossH1
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