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I.m from Holland and are going te make a trip through West Afrka by camper I`m trying to make a route through West Afrika. When I try to make a route along Kumasi in Ghana I get the report: system in failure en then Map Source shuts down. The same thing happens when I go for: search ---city-- Kumasi

Any idea?

asked 28 Jun '11, 19:43

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Jan Mulder
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You mention Mapsource, so presumably that means you've either downloaded OSM-based Garmin maps of the area or created them yourself (perhaps using mkgmap). What would be useful to help us to help you would be to let us know which of these it was.

(28 Jun '11, 20:13) SomeoneElse ♦

One more thing - looking at Kumasi ( the OSM data does look a little sparse - for example to the northwest of Kumasi there's a primary road that hasn't had its links to other roads added yet. Any GPS traces that you bring back will be really useful!

(28 Jun '11, 20:17) SomeoneElse ♦

I downloaded OSM based Garmin maps. It`s not only that the road is not routable, but Mapsource closes and shuts down, and I have to start again with making the route. I only can make the route when I stop above Kumasi and start a new route whitch start south of Kumasi

I get the report: There is a problem with this Garmin application. Probleminformation: App: MapSource At: 29-6-2011 10:13:56 (UTC) OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Processor: x86, Processor Level: 15, Processors:2, Model: 2 Stepping: 9, RAM: 2088428 MPL_MAP.CPP-1257-

(29 Jun '11, 11:20) Jan Mulder

Many people produce different OSM-based Garmin maps: you'll have to tell us which site you downloaded them from.

There are more discussions about OSM maps on Garmins over on the dedicated board at the web forum ( and you might find it useful to ask there, too.

(29 Jun '11, 11:28) Richard ♦

I downloaded it from the ofiicial site

(29 Jun '11, 13:14) Jan Mulder

Jan, you have a lot of people wanting to help you, but theres no Garmin download at as far as I know. Can you point us to the exact page/url you downloaded the Garmin maps from?

(29 Jun '11, 13:50) emacsen

I think I wasn`t clear enough. I already had Mapsource on my computer with maps of City Navigator. I downloaded OSM West Afrika from the official OSM site.

When I open Mapsource and select the maps of OSM World Routable and search for Kumasi ( Ghana ) and trying to make a route , THEN mapsource closes each time automatically because of this action.

I only have this problem when I use the OSM map. When I select the maps of City Navigator and then trying to make a route bij Kumasi I don`t have this problem.

(29 Jun '11, 15:47) Jan Mulder

What I suspect happened is that you clicked on the "documentation" link, did a search, and went to somewhere like The links from there are all external. It would help us to know which link that you actually clicked on.

(29 Jun '11, 17:26) SomeoneElse ♦
(29 Jun '11, 18:02) Jan Mulder

Aha! That's Lambertus' site. As Richard's already mentioned you'll get more info over at the Forum (note that when generating maps there's a help link on the page to

One thing that it might be useful to know is which areas you clicked on before clicking the "generate map" button? For example, Ghana's fully contained within one tile, but if you're travelling you may have selected more.

(29 Jun '11, 20:54) SomeoneElse ♦
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There are several methods of getting OSM maps onto Garmin, as discussed on the wiki.

Using MapSource, as you describe that you're doing in the comments, is one of those ways.

From the description of the behavior, it sounds like you've encountered a bug in MapSource and it's not able to properly process the data you're feeding it. Unfortunately, MapSource is a proprietary program written by Garmin. We didn't write MapSource, nor do we have any ability to control its behavior.

I would suggest then that you look at one of the other ways to get OSM maps onto your Garmin device. Those ways are listed on the link above at the software section.

You can also find links to ready-to-use Garmin maps based on OSM data.

By using these techniques, either downloading a ready made map, or one of the Free/Open Source programs that support OSM, you can avoid using MapSource and avoid the problem altogether.

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answered 29 Jun '11, 17:21

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I downloaded the maps: Marocco, West Sahara,Mauretania,Mali,Burkina Faso,Ghana,Togo,Benin,Senegal

(29 Jun '11, 21:41) Jan Mulder

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