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I'm trying to create a usable SVG file & it seems Maperitive is the best way to go (OSM's website SVG option is a right pigs ear).

However, I've hit a snag: I would like the SVG to imitate the current OSM-carto render, but Maperitive's ruleset ignore certain entities for some reason (landuse=recreation_ground being one).

Does any keep a ruleset up to date with OSM-carto? Or is there a better way to obtain an concurrent SVG image?

asked 18 Nov '17, 14:43

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Sorry, the real answer is likely simply "no". But if you want an SVG format rendering, why don't you simply use https://extract.bbbike.org/ ?

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answered 19 Nov '17, 09:19

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks. I just tried it. It appears to be using Maperitive, just much more slowly & with a ruleset file even less like the current OSM-carto rendering. It also excludes recreation grounds.

(19 Nov '17, 11:43) DaveF

I doubt very much that bbbike is using Maperitive (just alone practical concerns would rule that out), instead they are likely using the SVG backgend to mapnik, see https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/wiki/MapnikRenderers just as we do on openstreetmap.org

You could naturally do this yourself and simply use the current openstreetmap-carto rules.

(19 Nov '17, 13:49) SimonPoole ♦

I assumed they're using Maperitive due to this header in the SVG. <title>Map Generated Using Maperitive (http://maperitive.net)</title>

I assume Cairo is what's used in 'Share' on OSM.org. This creates a file if 1.8mb when the equivalent from Maperitive is 35k! It converts text to lines (I think) & has no OSM relevant IDs to identify what the paths represent. I need to amend the SVG file directly to emphasise certain items.

What are the OSM-Carto files needed to attempt a conversions to Maperitive rules?

(23 Nov '17, 16:49) DaveF

Maybe they are using maperitive but then you are, IMHO, never going to get nearer than a look-a-like style which is what you have been complaining about, see http://www.paulnorman.ca/blog/2015/11/openstreetmap-carto-complexity/ for why (the osm-corto style is located here https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto )

(23 Nov '17, 18:08) SimonPoole ♦
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