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I'm trying to create a usable SVG file & it seems Maperitive is the best way to go (OSM's website SVG option is a right pigs ear).

However, I've hit a snag: I would like the SVG to imitate the current OSM-carto render, but Maperitive's ruleset ignore certain entities for some reason (landuse=recreation_ground being one).

Does any keep a ruleset up to date with OSM-carto? Or is there a better way to obtain an concurrent SVG image?

asked 18 Nov '17, 14:43

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Sorry, the real answer is likely simply "no". But if you want an SVG format rendering, why don't you simply use ?

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answered 19 Nov '17, 09:19

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks. I just tried it. It appears to be using Maperitive, just much more slowly & with a ruleset file even less like the current OSM-carto rendering. It also excludes recreation grounds.

(19 Nov '17, 11:43) DaveF

I doubt very much that bbbike is using Maperitive (just alone practical concerns would rule that out), instead they are likely using the SVG backgend to mapnik, see just as we do on

You could naturally do this yourself and simply use the current openstreetmap-carto rules.

(19 Nov '17, 13:49) SimonPoole ♦

I assumed they're using Maperitive due to this header in the SVG. <title>Map Generated Using Maperitive (</title>

I assume Cairo is what's used in 'Share' on This creates a file if 1.8mb when the equivalent from Maperitive is 35k! It converts text to lines (I think) & has no OSM relevant IDs to identify what the paths represent. I need to amend the SVG file directly to emphasise certain items.

What are the OSM-Carto files needed to attempt a conversions to Maperitive rules?

(23 Nov '17, 16:49) DaveF

Maybe they are using maperitive but then you are, IMHO, never going to get nearer than a look-a-like style which is what you have been complaining about, see for why (the osm-corto style is located here )

(23 Nov '17, 18:08) SimonPoole ♦

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