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In a national OSM forum, there's some guys who would like to start their own OSM tile server, starting out with a copy of the current OSM data, but modified to render (internationally disputed) borders in a way they find (politically) correct. In OSM, these borders are - as always - entered according to the "on the ground" rule, but some people within one of the adjacent countries are unsatisfied with that and would like to have an own OSM-based map for like-minded people.

Now my question is - is it basically possible to do this with the OSM data, even if copied to an own server and run under "license"? Point being, when people take the work of adding data to OSM upon them, they rely on the idea that nothing will be done with this data that doesn't follow the rules of the OSM community and license, and this is basically what is done here, from my POV. So I'm sceptical about this, but how would you see it?


asked 17 Nov '17, 13:52

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Yes, there's an example described in some detail for India in Planemad's diary here.

What you should be able to do is to download the OSM data you want, remove (using one of the "modify OSM data from the command line" tools such as osmium) the boundaries that you're not interested in, add in (using a similar tool) data that you have external to OSM that represents the boundaries that you want to show, and also probably manipulate the language of names etc. to match the language you want as the language on the map. An example of a script that I use that among other things does language manipulation is here - you could probably do something similar for your map.

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I see that it's possible to do it technically, but the question is whether it's a problem regarding licensing and community rules.

(17 Nov '17, 14:22) cirko

With regard to licensing, OSM's statement about OSM data is here. OSMF's policy (PDF) says "We encourage different groups and communities to use our data, collect and contribute data important to you, and to make your own maps that are harmonious with your general usage, culture and legal system", so I'd say you are actually encouraged to make such a map :)

(17 Nov '17, 14:28) SomeoneElse ♦

I think what Aleks is looking for, is a statement about the openness of his resulting data, among others. I imagine that for him the situation would be different if his added data was mandatorily with the same legal status as ours in OSM, or not. Bluntly expressed, the issue is "I take open OSM data, I add my own things, then the result is mine/open/must be inserted back in OSM etc." Having not read the OSM reuse statement, I only suspect there'll be some clause imposing a kind of same release as OSM 'own' data...

(19 Nov '17, 12:04) Hseul

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