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I have a large number of village centroids for small African villages which are not covered or with low accuracy in both, OSM and google maps. The format is an excel sheet with village names and longitutde/latitude columns. The data is fairly accurate, and significantly more detailed than what is available anywhere online currently. Yet I estimate ~50 out of my 1800 coordinates to be off by more than 700 metres. Aside from the mentioned information I know village size and related data from a recent census, so that I can filter out very small communities and contribute meta-data too.

I am currently double-checking with the institution I received the data from whether I can share it, but don't expect any issues.

What's the best/easiest way to contribute these data to OSM?

asked 17 Nov '17, 11:20

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Besides what Frederik has already pointed out, have you checked the locations against the aerial imagery sources available to OSM? We would definitely want to adjust any such place nodes to what is actually on the ground.

(17 Nov '17, 21:25) SimonPoole ♦

What you are planning to do is a data import. There are rules for it - and you've made a good start by telling us about it instead of just dumping it in ;)

The important bits are probably going to be: Don't lose any data that is already there; let us see the data before you contribute; try to involve locals where possible (i.e. if there's a healthy OSM community in countries where you have a lot to import, maybe hand the data over to them and they can do it); ensure the license is ok (we'd need a little more than your word for it - an email from the institution who created the data set would probably be ok). Read the guidelines, and then you'll likely want to take discussion to the "imports" mailing list.

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answered 17 Nov '17, 11:51

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