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My city has many terraced rows of buildings which have a separate name to the actual road they are adjacent to.

There does appears to be a specific tag for this. 'block' doesn't quite seem appropriate & I've seen the house number & building row name combined to be tag with addr:housenumber. Is this acceptable or is there a better way?

asked 16 Nov '17, 18:40

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SK53 ♦

SK53 missed out one option (the one that really works :-))

Add a place node (typically place=neighbourhood) to the area, and reference that in the addresses with addr:place instead of addr:street

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answered 17 Nov '17, 09:12

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But that is actually inaccurate tagging for these situations. These are really streetnames not small local areas. Before addresses were shoehorned into a Procrustean data model they would have been something like 10, Harlech Terrace, Holyhead Road, Bethesda. As place=neighbourhood also gets rendered there are likely other unwanted side effects.

(18 Nov '17, 15:05) SK53 ♦

Neighbourhood doesn't seem appropriate. They're mostly just a row of a few houses. Not really large enough.

(18 Nov '17, 17:41) DaveF

The following approaches are possible when the logical street name is not that of the roads. This applies to either named terraces or streets where the sides of the street are named:

  • Put the complete address in addr:full: 8, Row, Main Street
  • Put the housenumber in addr:housenumber and the name of the terrace or row in addr:housename. (This seems to be roughly what Royal Mail do with PAF).
  • Add a footway in front the the terrace/row with the same name.
  • Use an associatedStreet relation to bind addresses to the main road, but with addr:street being the name of the row.
  • Just put the row/terrace name in addr:street and be done with it.
  • The method you mention

None are wholly satisfactory, the first 3 are obvious fudges but may be legitimate in some, but not all, circumstances. The second approach makes properties in a terrace indistinguishable from houses with both a number and name. 4 & 5 are accurate but are either non-obvious for data consumers or will generate false positives for QA tools. 6 I would avoid.

In the UK, if the row/terrace has it's own postcode you will want the addr:housenumber to be clearly searchable as this in conjunction with the postcode should uniquely identify the address.

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answered 16 Nov '17, 19:14

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As you mentions none work fully. It's a bit 'square peg, round hole'. They're either unclear or fudging it with extra data. I'll probably go with 'full' & then split it if a better way appears

(18 Nov '17, 18:00) DaveF

Addr should be the street address, street should have it's own name. Weird, but comes up a bit in Oklahoma.

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answered 16 Nov '17, 22:58

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Baloo Uriza
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Unsure what you mean.

(18 Nov '17, 18:01) DaveF

I mapped these new named terraces a few years ago, they render ok but searching only partly works. EDIT 'I didn't use the same method on each block as i was hoping that i would find out which got the result, for example 12 churchill terrace buttsgrove way, i then had to wait for the search engines absorb the data. From memory i checked back a few times but didn't find what i was looking for'. Comments from addressing and searching experts welcome.

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answered 18 Nov '17, 07:49

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andy mackey
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How would you amalgamate them so they're all addr:* tags

(18 Nov '17, 18:03) DaveF

I've seen name:left=* / name:right=* used in some places on streets where there is a terrace with a different name to that of the street.

highway=footway + footway=sidewalk + name=* in front of the terrace could be another option.

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answered 19 Nov '17, 14:15

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I'm adding addr:* to specific houses

(19 Nov '17, 22:18) DaveF
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