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If I would set up Mapnik to render static map tiles of the whole planet, how large in disk size would the resulting set of files be? Does the volume get larger over time, as more detail is added which compresses worse? Are all theoretical tiles rendered, e.g. all zoom levels of the oceans? If not, how many files are used?

asked 28 Jun '11, 16:37

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Using data from tileservers that I have run before, I estimate the complete tileset of zooms 0-18 to be around 342 Tb in size. The style of the map does have a reasonably large effect on this result. Also, this is extrapolated from tiles that are actually used on a tileserver (around 500Gb) so have a bias towards non-ocean areas, but the estimate does take into account the different average file sizes at different zoom levels.

All in all, you could be looking at anything from 60Tb upwards. If you limit the number of zoom levels this changes dramatically - only 0-17 would mean only 20% of the space needed compared to 0-18, for example.

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answered 28 Jun '11, 18:51

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(03 Jul '11, 13:33) Firefishy ♦♦

Are Mapnik images tiled using GDAL?

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answered 30 Jun '11, 16:10

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(This is probably a separate question, though, so you should start a new question on this site rather than adding further questions to your original one.)

(30 Jun '11, 20:22) Richard ♦

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