i have set up a Building using area and definition as Building. And this Building have a few block of it. i used the way in the tutorial, add the point in the area and i definition those points as Building,and typing the name of those blocks. But after few day on the map it is also just the area,no point and name above it. Is this is a bug in openstreetmap?

asked 14 Nov '17, 08:44

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I guess you are Carson_gor in OSM and are asking about nodes like this one? Next time please provide a link to your changeset, objects or at leas the area you are referring to.

Nodes with a building tag and name are currently not rendered in OSM. If you want to add a name to a building then add it to the building outline.

Also, creating a building=yes node inside a building outline doesn't make much sense. You are essentially creating a duplicated feature. See one feature, one OSM element why this is (almost always) a bad idea.

Please remove this node and similar ones you created. Add the name to the building outlines instead.

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answered 14 Nov '17, 09:12

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I have seen the Tutorial few times and in the tutorial is use the node to show the name of the building(area haven't name)

i know what you want to show me and i test the map to show the name of the part of the buildings.

it is many buildings with a few blocks, and using different names.i just want to tag those blocks.

(14 Nov '17, 09:19) Carson_gor

I don't know this tutorial. Maybe the tutorial is wrong at some point or ambiguous.

If you want to give different parts of a building a different name then you could split it. However splitting a building should be mainly done to represent a physical separation, e.g. a firewall.

Do these buildings actually have names? Or is there some POI (e.g. a shop) located inside the building? This is a totally different case and the name should then be added to the POI instead.

(14 Nov '17, 10:20) scai ♦
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