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So, I want to map a building which has an inner courtyard, and parts, which have different properties.

I made a relation which has type=multipolygon and building=hospital (because it's a hospital building).

Now, the outer line has no tags, and is in the relation as outer. The courtyard, also has no tags, and is in the relation as inner. So far so good.

The part of the building with different properties, touches the outer ring on some sections. It has a couple tags, like building:levels=2, and roof:shape=gabled, etc.

It is in the relation as part, but now I'm getting an error in JOSM:

Multipolygon outer way shares segment(s) with other ring (1)

So I know how to make buildings made up of several parts, and I also know how to make buildings with pateos, and other "holes", etc. But combining the two seems a bit like an impossibility, because for a building with holes, the relation is a type=multipolygon, and type=building if it's a building that consists of several parts.

So how do I go about this?

asked 14 Nov '17, 06:29

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what if you do not add building:parts to the multipolygon ? Would that be wrong ?

(14 Nov '17, 06:38) escada

I was once stuck on something similar and for adding to the building relation I used the "outer" (yes it has no tag) of the multipolygon. I don't know if I did it correctly but everything renders well.

(14 Nov '17, 08:46) Privatemajory

@escada that'exactly how I left things right now. As for whether that's correct or not: I have no idea. I'd imagine the building:part object should be also part of the relation, but I really don't know. It seems to work wouth having the building part added to the relation. It's just that I've seen it being part of the relation in other buildings, hence I thought that's the correct way of going about this.

(14 Nov '17, 23:13) polemon

You cannot use one relation as a building relation and a multipolygon relation at the same time. Instead, after creating your multipolygon, you would need to create a second relation, this time using type=building instead of type=multipolygon. Add the multipolygon relation, not the outer way, as the outline member.

Note, however, that building relations are optional (and indeed unnecessary) for almost all buildings – see my answer to a related question. So you can probably avoid the problem by simply not using one. :)

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answered 15 Nov '17, 15:48

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