Good day Mappers,

I just want to know if I made correct business map

Thank you

asked 13 Nov '17, 07:49

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click on the designation link on the page you list above. Do you think that is the correct use for that tag ? AFAIK designation should only be used for the special cases listed on that page.

(13 Nov '17, 08:17) escada

The name of the company should be a property of a POI-like object not the building.

What I've found that would fit is (as this is a low use value right now, there is no preset for it and you will need to add the attributes manually in the editor).

Written as tag-value: office=moving_company

As escada has already pointed out you should remove the designation attribute, that doesn't mean anything, and please move and correct the building outline to match the building in question (square the outline once you've moved it).

While you are at it, you might consider adding more of the facilities, buildings and addresses around your location.

permanent link

answered 13 Nov '17, 08:41

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"The name of the company should be a property of a POI-like object not the building." Hm, as far as I know both versions are used and accepted. See for example Should amenities (e.g. supermarkets) be ways or nodes, where some answers advocate tagging the building if it is completely occupied by one use.

(13 Nov '17, 09:11) sleske

@sleske that is not a contradiction, if the building has a POI attribute (amenity, shop, man_made, office, craft and so on) the name is typically considered to belong to the POI not to the building.

But you are correct in that such use without a convention is ambiguous.

(13 Nov '17, 09:26) SimonPoole ♦
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