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We live in River Oaks Stamford -- a private condominium development with 59 homes and 5 streets. The City of Stamford approved new street names & numbers this past week, replacing unnamed streets & lot numbers. I entered the new street names in OSM and also put in my house number, 28 River Oaks Drive, (Stamford CT 06902). I noticed that the right-of-way for River Oaks Drive was incorrect; it has been shown as a dead end on the western side, while in reality it connects to Long Ridge Road, providing an outlet to the greater world for our residents. Hence I repaired this, or at least thought I had done so.

I did a direction query, from 28 River Oaks Drive to City Hall at 666 Washington Blvd, Stamford. The route presented had me leave my home and exit onto Long Ridge Road via Buckingham Drive, a nearby street but one that is NOT connected to my street, River Oaks Drive. The proper way to go was to travel west on River Oaks Drive, and then turn left (south) onto Long Ridge Road.

Question: Why wasn't I given the proper route rather than one which was impossible to navigate?

asked 11 Nov '17, 15:22

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Can you give a better link, with both start and end? Something like (select start, select end, copy url)

(11 Nov '17, 16:06) Mateusz Koni...

It seems to work as expected, good, and with all three car routers.

(12 Nov '17, 07:44) andy mackey

I have had a quick look and i can't see an error. Often routers take several days to fully react to recent edits. I have waited a few days for things to work. You could try some of the other routers, which might react more quickly or just wait. I assume the routers only renew their data, from OSM, every day or so, not instantly. Looking at a question i asked it looks like i waited 4 days

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answered 11 Nov '17, 16:07

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andy mackey
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