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Is there any rule which guides how many lanes should the road contain to be mapped as a separated way?

For example, if I have a road with 4 lanes in total, 2 in each direction, should I map this road as a single way or as two separated ways? Or both are acceptable?

asked 06 Nov '17, 21:00

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Sergey Karavay
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What generally decides whether a road should be split is physical separation, not the number of lanes. That is, if there is some sort of physical barrier (other than painted lines) between lanes, then it often makes sense to split them in separate ways. If not, it's usually better to keep things simple and make the road a single way.

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answered 06 Nov '17, 21:30

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And what about situation, when there are bus stops on both sides of such ways? It seems, that is is better to have separated ways for better transport route separation.

(06 Nov '17, 21:58) Sergey Karavay

Can you point to a specific situation (link)? Usually we just put busstops on either side of the road.

(06 Nov '17, 22:02) Hjart

You don't need separate ways to correctly tag bus stops. As Hjart points out, you can simply put the bus stops to each side of the way. Route information is captured in route relations (with the stops as members), and the relation indicates the direction of the route. See for details.

(07 Nov '17, 09:17) sleske

@sleske But according to, bus platforms can be put on different sides of the road, but bus stops must be put on the road, therefore bus stops will be on the same way.

As example I can show two bus platforms here: If I put bus stop, they will appear on the same way.

(07 Nov '17, 10:10) Sergey Karavay

highway=bus_stop should be at the location of the pole/shelter, which would normally be beside the way. Therefore, bus stops on opposite sides of the road would be represented by two separate nodes like in your example.

(07 Nov '17, 17:52) alester

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