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when i try and download a pdf i get an error message 'invalid token' what does this mean?

asked 01 Nov '17, 11:26

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Can you add a bit more detail? Which PDF are you trying to download, where from, and with what browser?

(01 Nov '17, 11:31) SomeoneElse ♦

geo:51.6468,-0.4335?z=16 this is the pdf and it is from Open Street Map and I am using chrome

(01 Nov '17, 11:41) chris1088

Where are you downloading it from? Which website? EDIT: Presumably it's "share as" from

(01 Nov '17, 11:56) SomeoneElse ♦

(01 Nov '17, 11:57) chris1088

I've just tried "share as" at and got a "map.pdf" that looked OK.

The resulting PDF is 771648 bytes and the md5sum is 429c1f83e33a36db98d423527afaf9ab .

Perhaps there's a problem with the PDF viewer you are trying to open it in?

(01 Nov '17, 12:00) SomeoneElse ♦

I have tried your link and i am not able to get the pdf. in this instance would you be able to email me the pdf or a link to it. it would really help me out as i am up against it on this one email.

thanks in advance

(01 Nov '17, 12:09) chris1088

Still no joy and getting the same error message, we are not actual able to share as, a pdf is not being created? any chance you could email the pdf you have??

(01 Nov '17, 14:20) chris1088

I've put it at for a few minutes

(01 Nov '17, 14:27) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you so much, perfect, really frustrating why my computer will not download.

(01 Nov '17, 15:00) chris1088

Could you try another browser? To isolate whether it's a browser-specific issue or not.

(01 Nov '17, 15:02) dsh4

I have tried safari and chrome on mac and a pc using chrome

(01 Nov '17, 15:30) chris1088
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