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can someone please help me to know how make use of my osm server

i have been trying to install openstreetmap web site on my own site and finally succeeded installing a tile server and api server

so now how do i do these things

  • if i want to display a marker of a store for example on a a page from my web site (from api or tile)
  • if i want to display multiple markers on a page that a user may click to view nearby restaurants fetched from my osm server (from api or tile)
  • if i want to take input from a user (lon,lat) by letting him point a marker (from api or tile)

asked 31 Oct '17, 13:38

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is this a very hard question or is it too dump please if someone knows a link to some documents that may help please advise

(03 Nov '17, 13:35) engragy

Perhaps people might be a bit confused about what question you're asking? Maybe some of the things at and might help?

(03 Nov '17, 14:02) SomeoneElse ♦

thank you for your response but i have already installed tile server and api server and i do know that i have to use openlayers or leaflet but what i dont konw is am i going to work leaflet for example on the api(i mean port 3000) or the normal tile sever

(03 Nov '17, 15:16) engragy

That depends on where you want things to appear and how interactive they are. If you want something to be displayed as part of the background tile images, then you'd modify the style on the tile server. If you want clickable markers overlaid over the tiles, then you'd use the API to retrieve the necessary information and create markers in Leaflet/OpenLayers.

(03 Nov '17, 15:46) alester

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