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I recently added a way to OSM, unfortunately both Navit and openrouteservice fail to use it for navigation - it is completely ignored as can bee seen here. The question is obvious - where is the mistake?

Edit: As of today the data being used by openrouteservice is newer than the street, still the street is completely ignored. Is it possible that the bollard in the middle prevents even pedestrian routing? I mainly want to know if there is some error in my tagging or bug in the router.

Edit2: It is working now in openrouteservice, Navit still avoids that street.

asked 27 Jun '11, 23:06

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And this is the detail info for the road:

(28 Jun '11, 01:17) sleske

I do some work on the Navit project, so I can speak to your problem with Navit:

  • Did you check that your new street is actually included in the map you use with Navit? Can you see it in Navit? If not, get a new map.
  • The street you added is tagged as a pedestrian street. By default, Navit uses the "Car" vehicle (=routing profile), which obviously will not use pedestrian streets. Make sure you selected another vehicle, e.g. "pedestrian". In the internal GUI, it's under "Settings / Vehicle".

If you still, can't get it to work, it might be a bug :-). Post a bug report on the Navit trac:

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answered 28 Jun '11, 01:23

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Once you solve the above two points (is it in the map, pedestrian/car use), you may still find the street is not used because it is not the "fastest" route. When routing, Navit calculates a "time" to travel that road based on the road type (e.g. street_0) and the speed and weight assigned to that type of road. These come from the currently active vehicle_profile (see:

(28 Jun '11, 14:29) jwernerny

The street is visible there and I have selected pedestrian as vehicle...

(29 Jun '11, 07:38) LM_1

Often (but not in your case) a common reason for routing not working properly is that roads haven't been joined up properly. The picture attached to the top answer to this help question shows the problem - if a router thinks that roads don't join then it won't route you from one to the other.

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answered 28 Jun '11, 01:08

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answered 28 Jun '11, 00:19

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In the top right corner of OpenRouteService you notice the date of the data used for routing. Currantly it sais OSM-Data for Routing: 20.05.11. This means that the data they currantly use for calculating routes is updated over a month ago. They might have problems with their service.

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answered 27 Jun '11, 23:38

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If I understand it correctly the routing algorithm uses different data than displayed? Is that the case with as well?

(27 Jun '11, 23:51) LM_1

For a bit of the technical background to OpenRouteService, have a read of - that says more about what happens to the data between you adding it to OSM and being able to route using it.

(28 Jun '11, 01:16) SomeoneElse ♦

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