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I make steady and very satisfactory progress with uMap for my needs. I am surprised, however, at the lack of the facility to insert numerals into "Default" and "Drop" markers, where there is ample space to do so. There are 54 different icon symbols available, but no numbers - or letters, even. I should have thought it would be as important for users to be able to number markers 1, 2, etc. along a route, to which descriptions refer, for example. The one way in which to do this is to make numbers available from a .url address, which seems a cumbersome way to address this requirement. I believe it can be done in Google Maps and wonder whether anyone can suggest a fast-track method for uMap?

asked 27 Oct '17, 14:18

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silver mapper
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Bonjour, It might be possible ( I can't understand "set url")

I suggest getting round your problem with labels:

manage layers / edit properties in a table / enter your markers

then: edit map settings /default interaction options / display label=on

If you use a'pin'your marker will be beside it.

Otherwise good idea for "wishfor list" here link text

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answered 27 Oct '17, 19:15

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I thank you for your attempt to help. I asked the question because I wish to use the space available within the marker so that the resulting appearance is more compact and better, visually. Having to use a label adjacent to the marker in such circumstances is not satisfactory.

(27 Oct '17, 19:52) silver mapper


I followed your suggestion to open an issue at

I created a range of numerals in Paint.NET for uploading to a server, to see whether that works, in the meantime.

(29 Oct '17, 10:32) silver mapper

The issue link above does not work (trailing dot included), use .

(22 Sep '19, 11:06) Richlv

This is now possible by entering the character in the marker textfield. Note that the character by default is white on white background, so you have to change the background colour to see the character. Several characters can be entered, but note that longer strings will simply overflow the marker.

Created asking for a way to customise character colour.

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answered 22 Sep '19, 11:08

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