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I recently changed a lot of silos and storage tanks along Aalborg Harbour from building=yes to man_made=silo and man_made=storage_tank, because I find that a more accurate reflection of what is actually there. However, now they are no longer rendered on Why does it not render these - physically quite prominent - features?

asked 26 Oct '17, 09:16

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I doubt that it's a deliberate policy. Presumably what needs to happen is that someone needs to raise an issue about it here, and then someone else (or the same person) works out what code changes are needed to the rendering CSS to support storage tanks and silos.

OR you could just use another renderer that does show these - I'm not aware of one that covers Aalborg that does, but I bet there is one somewhere.

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answered 26 Oct '17, 09:42

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I mapped some waste water processing tanks a while ago here They render, I did draw circles and tagged, them not just nodes. So if you want them to render you could copy these. Sorry reread your question I have used building tag and man_made tank or silo, but it does work. Using the term building seems ok to me, but many associate building to bricks or concrete but many of these tanks and silos will be "built" of concrete or bricks or faced with similar covering. An industrial metal construction is still a building isn't it?

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answered 28 Nov '17, 08:13

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andy mackey
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I think it is important the large landmarks do get rendered on the map, which is why i like to add them. IMO tanks and silo should be rendered with or without a building tag.

(28 Nov '17, 08:43) andy mackey

Well in the UK you've got the option of using a map that actually renders these things :)

(28 Nov '17, 09:12) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, but only if they have a building tag. as ThomasA discovered

(28 Nov '17, 14:12) andy mackey

So it is common tag storage tanks as buildings?

(29 Nov '17, 16:44) Privatemajory
(29 Nov '17, 16:47) SomeoneElse ♦

SomeoneElse To make the situation clear. To make these features render on the standard map the building tag building is needed. But your map.atownsend renders them without building tag. Have i got that right?

(29 Nov '17, 19:48) andy mackey

@Privatemajory: Common? Yes. Should it be common? No. Tagging a storage tank or silo as a building is a clear case of (mis-)tagging for the renderer just because the Standard map style doesn't render man_made=silo or man_made=storage_tank.

(29 Nov '17, 22:59) alester
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