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When I change some data on Vespucci app on android I need to login to osm in order to upload changes but it says that the password or username are wrong. I can login with the same on browser editor however. Any thoughts?

asked 23 Oct '17, 22:11

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You should not be logging in with username/login in any case (and with any editor), the facility is solely provided to support private API installations.

You should remove your login credentials from the advanced preferences, and check if OAuth is checked for the selected OSM API URL.

If this is all correct, then when you try to upload you will be asked to login to the OSM website and authorize Vespuccis access to the OSM API, which you should do (you will only need to do this once). You can force this step without trying to uploading by selecting the corresponding menu item in the tools menu.

If you can't find the menus I'll add a couple of screenshots.

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answered 23 Oct '17, 23:32

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Thanks, I have managed to get it to work. Now one more thing. When I started, it asked to download data in a certain radius, is it downloading on the phone memory or somewhere else? Leading from the same question, can I work on a remote location from my smartphone? Thanks

(23 Oct '17, 23:56) Thrsh

Simply pan/zoom to the location you want to work on and then select "Download current view" For more information see Vespucci Introduction

(24 Oct '17, 11:33) SimonPoole ♦

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