I have quite many barriers like these, where roads are completely blocked or only for motored vehicles. I didn't find a tag in the wiki that fits. How should these be tagged. (For now I just used barrier=yes.)

no access at all no motor vehicle access

asked 21 Oct '17, 11:12

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I'd suggest marking the road motor_vehicle=no, or access=no, and then specify what is permissible: foot=yes, bicycle=yes, etc. The advantage is this accurately reflects the situation on the ground, without using inaccurate tags for the barrier. (I'd not consider a cone to be a type of bollard)

You can still tag the node at the barrier itself, but you don't need to worry if the tag is standard or not. I'd add barrier=cones and a note. If the tags catches on, in Japan or elsewhere, great. If not that's ok too, because the access tags on the road are conventional, and will be recognized by other mappers, and routing software.

Also a "林道" (that's a category of road, not the roads name?) looks like a great place to cycle. Are they normally open to bicycles?

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answered 23 Oct '17, 02:51

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I used the access=no for the road, so at least that shouldn't be a problem.

Would be nice to have some type for a generic hand-movable blockage, like signs, rods, and cones. Unfortunately I don't know a fitting term in English. Just blockage=yes suggests missing information.

林道 means forest road, I used highway=track, tracktype=grade1 here. Usually you can use them by bike, but grade1 is more of an exception for forest roads.

(23 Oct '17, 06:56) bkn_jap

The barrier looks like a short term one to me, but i can't read what the sign says. I would not map it unless the blockage was going to be in place for six months or more, unless you can survey it to keep it up to date. You could just add a note on the Map page, although it not an error it could alert other users to the blockage.

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answered 23 Oct '17, 09:47

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andy mackey
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Usually when cones have been placed either side of main 'blocked' area it means road is completely closed and using it may lead to trespass charges. I'm new to OSM but have had some experience with closed roads

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answered 23 Oct '17, 03:07

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The first picture's road is blocked for everything (even though I guess there would be no charges for bicycles, let alone pedestrians). The second one is only shut off for motored vehicles (there was a big hole in the street they couldn't pass). If possible I would like to have the same category for both barriers.

(23 Oct '17, 07:00) bkn_jap

Whats wrong with barrier=bollard, bollard:type=pylon, pylon=movable or barrier=fence, fence=movable or a variable on barrier=debris / barrier=obstacle ?

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answered 22 Oct '17, 14:01

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For me, a bollard is something unmovable, sticking in the ground. Fence is also a bit off - I didn't find a fence:type that matches. It does not look like these options are used. :(

(23 Oct '17, 06:38) bkn_jap
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