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Hello everyone,

I noticed that quite some houses in my home city have missing addresses (e.g. no street or house number).

How do I highlight/select these, so that I can fix those? What editor would be the most usefull for this job? (I need the AGIV-GRB-Flanders tiles to map the addresses though).

asked 15 Oct '17, 23:42

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Please note that the Belgian community is working on a tool to simplify this process. We still have to start the approval process on the import-mailing list. Contact me for more info.

(16 Oct '17, 04:51) escada

Note that it is perfectly valid to have an address node inside the house instead of address tags on the house itself. This makes searching for houses without addresses more complicated.

(16 Oct '17, 09:43) scai ♦

In JOSM you can do a find of the form 'building=* -("addr:street"=*)' to find all buildings with no street. The search for no house number would be the same, just use "addr:housenumber" instead of "addr:street". Note, you need the quotes around "addr:street" in the find because the colon has special meaning in JOSM searches.

Of course this search is only over the area you downloaded to edit on.

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answered 16 Oct '17, 04:36

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edited 16 Oct '17, 04:37

JOSM is indeed quite an efficient tool for jobs like this. To find buildings with no address data at all you could search for "building=* -addr".

To go through the buildings one by one JOSM's To-Do plugin ( is what you want.

To download only buildings in your city, enter "building=*" in the "Download from Overpass API" wizard (

(16 Oct '17, 08:40) Hjart

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