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In France, we have 2 wheelers parkings. They could be both amenity=motorcycle_parking and bicycle=bicycle_parking? How do I choose? should i deduplicate by marking 2 points of both types?

Best regards, Maxime Chesnel

asked 14 Oct '17, 16:31

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Are there any frames to lock bicycles to?

Bicycles do not always have a stand and if they do it is not generally stable enough to leave a for long. Motorcycle stands are stable.

When mapping car parks which have bike parking I map the car park as an area and the bicycle parking as a node.

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answered 14 Oct '17, 17:05

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Hello trig222, thank you for your answer. My problem is solved. You misunderstood my question though. Yes, there is enough to lock bicycles to.

These parkings I saw, are both for bicycle and motorcycle. The context is the crowded cities of south of France, there is a lot of motorbikes there, and the authorities give many public space for motorbike. So there are many large spaces marked as "motorbike parking" (OK) and other marked as "2 wheeler parking", where bikes can also park.

My question was about chosing the amenity and labels according to this enlarged permission because one amenity is not satisfactory for a "2 wheeler parking" making me choose between motorcycle_parking and bicycle_parking.

I have tried to mix 2 nodes and it works, amenity becomes "bicycle_parking;motorcycle_parking".

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answered 15 Oct '17, 14:29

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amenity="foo;bar" has poor support among data consumers. An alternative would be to use access tags: access=no bicycle=yes moped=yes motorbike=yes (see access key wiki). These would work for parking areas (what would be called "carparks" if they were for four-wheel vehicles), but I'm not sure whether they would work for parking lanes (I'm not familiar with the tagging of parking lanes).

(15 Oct '17, 19:53) dsh4

Thx dsh4, you're right. I did a request on overpass-turbo, i had to find both "foo;bar" and "bar;foo". I asked my main data consumer ( to advise. My preferred solution could be to keep both nodes side by side.

(16 Oct '17, 10:24) maxchesnel

The problem with two nodes is that it will not be possible to set a precise capacity if the two share the same space/stands. But two nodes will be more useful for people searching for a parking place.

(23 Apr '23, 11:34) Fabimaru

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