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I tagged a new parking area with his aisles in it. But on the map, the aisles are not shown.

I compared with other areas, but there are no differences between the keys there and mine.

Has someone an idea where the fault can be?

alt text

asked 13 Oct '17, 17:19

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Maybe tiles are not updates yet?

(13 Oct '17, 17:29) Sergey Karavay

Hi Sergey, That is not possible in my opinion. I added these tags together with others yesterday. I added more tags today. All of them are shown exept these...

(13 Oct '17, 17:57) LeFagnard

Can you give us a link?

(13 Oct '17, 18:12) Hjart
(13 Oct '17, 18:23) LeFagnard

Yes, the refresh was the solution for me. Thank you very much to all. Fine to see, that all works fine whithin OSM !

(13 Oct '17, 20:49) LeFagnard

I think the bunch us of zooming around the area helped trigger the render servers :-)

(13 Oct '17, 21:52) Hjart
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It found it. The aisles show on zoomlevel 18. I guess you'll have to wait a bit longer for the rest to appear

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answered 13 Oct '17, 18:17

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Try to make full refresh of the webpage (CTRL + F5 in my case). After that the tile was refreshed:

alt text

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answered 13 Oct '17, 19:16

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Sergey Karavay
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edited 13 Oct '17, 22:26

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