Hi Openstreetmap community,

My name is Alex Sepulveda and I am the founder and director of Mascupon.es and Mascupon.com.

It has recently come to my attention that an unauthorised person has been putting links to my website properties on your platform, without any consent or authorisation, solely with the intent to cause harm to our brand and website ranking in Google via a tactic known as Negative SEO. My copyright lawyers have advised me initially to get in direct contact with the publishing website in order to get the offending links removed, before considering stronger measures.

Would you be so kind as to delete this profile or get rid of the links - I would very much appreciate it!

The offending links are:


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It is one thing to contract with shady SEO companies to try and boost your rank by spaming unrelated sites, the other is to come crying and being abusive to us because you've fallen out with them or they don't exist anymore.

If it was up to me we would be charging you at least Euro 500 for the removal, per link.

permanent link

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I can confirm that we havent contracted "shady seo companies", this kind of negative SEO unfortunately is now very common, starting with Indian companies that offer these type of services. I wouldnt risk a website building stupid links like these that have no SEO value at all.

I have already disavowed the link via Google webmaster console (which by the way was partly created to mitigate against negative SEO attacks such as these) but wanted to contact openstreetmap in case it wasnt too much trouble to delete it.

(13 Oct '17, 16:46) Mascuponadmin

Sure and after three years you suddenly notice, at that time linking from the OSM site was still a good way of boosting your rank.

Sorry sir but you are directly lying to a very large audience, I just hope that your company directly experiences the consequences.

(13 Oct '17, 16:51) SimonPoole ♦

@simonpoole regardless of what you think is going on, you're way out of line here, particularly with the reason you've given for closing the question.

(14 Oct '17, 16:40) Andy Allan

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