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highway=pedestrian area=yes renders in OSM

area:highway=pedestrian area=yes does not render in OSM

I'm asking because a few years ago a bot changed all the former to the latter in Massachusetts.

asked 11 Oct '17, 16:34

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ask the maintainer of the bot why they made the change. Ask them whether this was discussed with the community. And after discussion, you can ask to revert the change. There is a Polish map that renders area:highway, but there is no reason AFAIK to change the former tagging.

(12 Oct '17, 04:14) escada

It should be noted that mappers have sometimes incorrectly used highway=pedestrian + area=yes in situations where area:highway=pedestrian should have been used instead: For the area covered by a pedestrian road, as opposed to a plaza. In those cases, replacing these tags would have been justified (although still subject to the usual rules for bot edits). Just something to keep in mind in general, I'm not aware of the specifics of this case.

(19 Oct '17, 20:29) Tordanik

There might be some OSM renderers that show the area:highway key. The renderer for the standard layer at doesn't at the moment. This has several reasons (still a low although rising usage, and it needs a re-import of the whole database because of the new key, as far as I know) but I'm confident that this will change in the future.

However area:highway=pedestrian is very different from highway=pedestrian! The area:highway=pedestrian tag is solely meant for rendering, not for routing. area:highway=pedestrian should not be connected to ways with a highway tag. Also this tag is and should be completely ignored by routers since it serves only a visual purpose.

Therefore replacing highway=pedestrian with area:highway=pedestrian is certainly wrong and breaks pedestrian routing.

As already mentioned by escada try to get into contact with the mapper / bot author. Try to comment in the changesets or send him/her a private message. If they remain unanswered then get into contact with the Data Working Group. This should be the last option, though, since the DWG is usually very busy and should only be contacted for serious issues. If the mapper doesn't respond and there are only a few things to fix then go ahead and fix them yourself. Or get into contact with the local community and ask for some help.

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answered 12 Oct '17, 09:10

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