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You have got my private house marked as a road on your map. Last year this could have had dire consequences as an ambulance answering a heart attack call stopped at my house by mistake following your incorrect map. Please can someone correct this error as if not it may end up with dire consequences.

asked 04 Oct '17, 18:57

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Given that you know what's wrong, I'd suggest that you fix it yourself. Zoom in, click edit, and follow the instructions.

(04 Oct '17, 19:32) SomeoneElse ♦

It's very unlikely that an ambulance would rely on OSM-based maps. It's more likely that they were using a map based on some government-provided data, and that this government-provided data was imported into OSM. You may want to contact the relevant government body to see if they can correct the issue at the source, as well as edit the OSM data to fix the issue here too. If you aren't confident enough to do it yourself, you can add a note to the map so someone else can make the change or give us some details here.

(04 Oct '17, 19:44) alester

You should at least provide coordinates of your wrongly mapped house.

(04 Oct '17, 20:23) Sergey Karavay

Hi Fordyids, thanks for signing up for OSM, and letting us know about this issue. If you provide the location in question we can look at it more closely.

(04 Oct '17, 21:13) keithonearth

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