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Most towns in UK have a Shopmobility centre which is a charity where people can hire wheelchairs (manual and electric) and sometimes other mobility aids, sometimes run by local council as part of their commitment to equal access.

What is the best way to tag this?

Couldn't find anything in the wiki other than shop=medical_supply=mobility but this is not a shop but a hire place.

Searching for "Shopmobility" on the map shows in the past people have tagged it as building, shop, social_facility or mobility_equipment_hire

asked 03 Oct '17, 17:02

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Not an answer, but in Israel we too have a charity (yadsarah.org - sometimes "Yad Sara", Hebrew "יד שרה") for renting wheelchairs etc, and I don't think we're happy with its tagging either. So we, too, are interested in the answer.

(From a brief search, I see we have one instance tagged shop=medical_supply, and I recall another instance had a fixme precisely about this issue)

(04 Oct '17, 16:24) dsh4

In total the main tags used for a couple of spellings of Shopmobility seem to have been:

"amenity": "mobility",
"amenity": "mobility_equipment_hire",
"amenity": "mobility_equipment_hire",
"amenity": "social_facility", "social_facility:for": "disabled",
"shop": "yes"
"shop": "yes"
"shop": "yes"
"shop": "yes",
"shop": "yes"
"shop": "yes"
"shop": "mobility",
"shop": "mobility",

(edited) I'd pick "amenity=mobility_equipment_hire" because it's not easily confused; there are 74 shop=mobility that aren't "Shopmobility" places, such as (clicking a random example) https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/389589913 .

(04 Oct '17, 16:37) SomeoneElse ♦
(07 Oct '17, 17:26) SomeoneElse ♦

AFAIK there is currently no well used tags for such amenities. My suggestion is to combine wheelchair=yes and rental=wheelchair.

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answered 05 Oct '17, 07:05

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