Not a long time ago I created a small hiking route, it is an roundtrip. After a while a realized that the whole roundtrip was rendered as a filled area, so i addet tag: area=no, but nothing happened. After a few days I decided to delete the whole route, but nothing changed - it is still rendered as a filled area.

Perhaps somebody could help me!

asked 02 Oct '17, 14:00

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Can you provide a link to the relevant place on OSM?

(02 Oct '17, 14:21) Richard ♦


i deleted the route, so I have no reference#

(02 Oct '17, 15:07) -ckb-

i used tags:

access=yes area=no highway=path name=Gamper Runde network=lwn roundtrip=yes route=hiking sac_scale=mountain_hiking smoothness=good trail_visibility=excellent type=route

(02 Oct '17, 15:11) -ckb-

first i thought i solve the problem by adding tag:area=no, nothing happened. At time of creating of the route I added tag:surface=ground, i removed this tag too.

i deleted cache of browser, but nothing happened. Perhaps it will take some time to "re-render" - but I´m not sure and i don´t think so....

I´m using JOSM....

(02 Oct '17, 15:27) -ckb-

Hello everybody!

Thanks for your professionell answers. I´m absolute beginner on OSM....

Although I have studied an official "beginner´s tutorial", i mixed objects and relations (it was written in big letters to take care about that....). I will wait until rendering is finished, then i´m going to recreate the relation.

(03 Oct '17, 00:55) -ckb-

The same issue has been raised recently to the italian ML: http://gis.19327.n8.nabble.com/Lago-di-Nemi-td5901968.html This one was your relation https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/7610762/history The wrong tag there is higway=path, you can re-create the relation without that tag. Rendering apart, the hiking relation itself is not a path, but a sequence of paths (and/or other kinds of ways). There is likely a bug in OMS-carto which causes closed routes with an highway=* tag being rendered as polygon, see also https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/2808

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answered 02 Oct '17, 20:01

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For info, I raised an issue similar to this as https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/1967 . Whether it's actually a "bug" in OSM Carto is a moot point, since (in at least the cases of the "area highways" I was trying to avoid) they'd been mapped deliberately, unlike your accidental example.

(05 Oct '17, 20:15) SomeoneElse ♦

I think it is in the process of re-rendering as that part of the map currently looks different at different zoom levels. So it will probably be back to normal soon enough.

As to what went wrong in the first place: were you trying to add ways (the physical paths or tracks on the ground), or a route relation (a collection of ways that make up a route, often waymarked or signposted)? Your tags look like a mixture of both - normally highway=path would be a way, whereas type=route would be a relation. Maybe that was what caused the problem, although it is hard to be sure as the object is deleted.

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answered 02 Oct '17, 16:14

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