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I was naming some roads round by me when I noticed one road that simply doesn't exist showing on the map. I'm only very new to this so not looking to do any deleting myself but unsure how to report it.

asked 25 Jun '11, 23:15

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can you give us a lat lon (latitude and longitude)and someone can look at it. you can do this by putting the road mid screen on map page ,zoom right in ciick on export and you will see the lats and lons of top bottom left right. P2 also as lat lon box you can turn on

(26 Jun '11, 00:27) andy mackey

Thanks Andy.

This is a bit messier than it looks. The end that I was looking at (-5.85280, 54.39592) zoomed out was clearly seen to be wrong as there are two roads when there should only be one. The lower road (or more straight road is wrong IMHO as this is a twisty road and that's too straight plus the twisty road connects correctly to the Raleagh Road and the end of the Cumber Road whereas the straighter road would leave a gap between the Raleagh Road and it and intersects the Cumber Road which is wrong as this road represents a deadend for the Cumber Road.

That's fine until you get to the other end of this road as the correct road finishes at -5.79485, 54.37091 which means it actually finishes short of its actual finish. The road that needs to be deleted runs very close to this road when zoomed in and it appears to finish correctish in that intersects the Tecconnaught Road and finishes on the Annacloy Road though given the problems of this road at the other end I wouldn't be too sure that it is too exact but visually looks fine.

I'd delete the wrong road up until the point where the two roads cross each other just before the correct road finishes and merge the points after that so that the correct road completes to it's natural end at the Annacloy Road.

Hope that makes sense.

(26 Jun '11, 09:44) doyler78

like the guy in OZ with the similar question you also have limited aerial images so you need a lot of GPS traces to get good averages for road lines to work from.

(26 Jun '11, 18:29) andy mackey

I can see how the problem arises as I'm having a nightmare trying to get my few streets round by me mapped. I just can't seem to figure how to merge streets without getting a straight line drawn between some points when there are intermediate points already there. I know its something I'm doing but it has me beat so far.

Yeah no decent satelite images in my area so I'm just going to map my traces and if others come along with more traces they can modify as they see fit.

What's the casting vote thing about? I can't see any voting buttons unless they are talking about thumbs up.

(26 Jun '11, 18:38) doyler78

thumbs up =plus point thumbs down = -1 point and tic for the best answer. these all build a karma that each user as. so a good or useful question that gets a thumbs up earns the questioner 15 karma points. if you click on users you can see users cred and yours

(26 Jun '11, 23:41) andy mackey

One thing if you know the satellite imagery is out of date with either roads that have been built, or removed a good idea is leave at least a node (or a line) with a note so if someone else is editing using imagery they don't add or remove something that is now different.

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answered 21 Jul '11, 21:52

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When dealing with incorrect data you have to ask yourself

  • Is this road misplaced?
  • Does the road not actually connect, and is it just beyond?

If it has a name on the map, see if you can find where that road really lies. If you can't find the name, or no name exists on the road (which sounds like it is the case) then feel free to delete it.

If you are able to verify the state of the road on the ground, you get priority over what is currently mapped. If you're going by satellite images then you'll have to consider who might be out of date.

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answered 27 Jan '14, 05:07

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Well, but how can I delete a wrong road?

(01 Oct '18, 11:31) MaryStella_n

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