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Hi todos !!

I used to edit maps on OpenstreetMap in order to view modifications on Strava (in route mode). Nothing I've added to OpenStreetMap in the past 4 weeks has made its way into Strava's map.

When I ask Strava here is they answer : "In regards of OpenStreetMaps and Map Box not updating, we rely on these changes to be approved first before they're pushed onto Strava. From that point was they're approved these maps will be updated periodically"

When I check OSM my modification are effective so I guess it is approved !

Anyone knows how it works between OSM and Strava ? Anyone knows what is Mapbox and how it works ? Is Mapbox in charge of any approbation ?

Thanks a lot. Jerome (France)

asked 25 Sep '17, 14:34

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You'll need to ask MapBox directly, I think. They are a company that other companies use to provide maps for their websites and applications. Other companies offer similar services, and people can of course just use OSM data directly themselves, subject to the relevant terms.

(25 Sep '17, 14:41) SomeoneElse ♦

There's probably some confusion about "approving changes". Neither Mapbox nor anybody has enough manpower to approve worldwide OSM changes, at best they can rubberstamp at a particular snapshot of a particular area, but it'd be mad to do that at scale.

However Mapbox does have a "report error" tool which they filter in-house before eventually forwarding to OSM as a note. That's probably what Strava is talking about, but the OP is instead talking about a changeset he made himself.

(25 Sep '17, 15:42) Vincent de P... ♦

Note that OSM has no "approval process". As soon as soon as you upload changes to OSM they are effective, no approval needed. Other contributors can then check out your modifications and decide on whether to question them or in case of actual vandalism revert them. As a longtime contributor to OSM I'm not even sure what kind of approval the Strava employee might be talking about here.

(26 Sep '17, 13:03) Hjart

The maps used by Strava (and other companies) indeed appears not to have been updated for some time now (I'm seeing some of my own modifications missing too). This is not due to any modifications to OSM data not being "approved" however. Mapbox merely produces maps based on OSM data and somehow their rendering proces must have stopped or slowed down significantly.

(26 Sep '17, 16:01) Hjart

Good morning,

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I am pretty suret hat MAPBOX is in charge of the update. In the past when I choosed "Update this map" in the map screen of STRAVA and you go directly to OSM website. From September you got now a new tool "© Mapbox" beside the "© OpenStreetMap" which forward directly to mapbox.

Anyway I've sent an e-amil to mapbox waiting for an explanation.

This situation will occurs that somes users like me will not edit anymore... :-(

(28 Sep '17, 10:06) kalagan83

Sure you will - just use something to get maps onto your phone for which updates actually happen more quickly!

(28 Sep '17, 10:12) SomeoneElse ♦

I edit just to help curious people to find new path, trail especially for runners, walker and bikes. I don't need those maps for myself.

(28 Sep '17, 10:23) kalagan83

I'm seriously surprised to see a response like that from Mapbox. Take this fuel station that I updated 4 weeks ago: It's still not visible on Mapbox maps. This will just lead to Mapbox falling behind seriously. Curiosly I haven't seen Mapbox team members make edits in my country for quite some time now. What's going on?

(29 Sep '17, 11:59) Hjart

@kalagan83 There are lots of other cycling and walking apps and websites that use OSM data but don't depend on Mapbox.

(08 Oct '17, 13:18) Richard ♦

@Hjart mapbox is under no general or public obligation to update their maps in any particular time frame, or at all. Now if you were a customer you might want that to change, but if you are not, there are plenty of other providers.

(08 Oct '17, 15:08) SimonPoole ♦
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Here is the answer of MAPBOX... it seems that their speed of analysis is not very effective !

"Hey Jerome,

Edits that go to OpenStreetMap are not directly applied to Mapbox maps right away. We care a lot about the accuracy of our maps and that is why we have a data team that works hard to validate all incoming OSM edits. We can't guarantee a timeframe for edits to appear but we appreciate your contribution and will continue to work hard to make sure our maps are up-to-date.

Best, Nadia

-- Nadia Barbosa "

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answered 29 Sep '17, 11:34

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Hope you don't mind - I've accepted this as an answer (since you won't be able to do that with your own answer to your own question).

(29 Sep '17, 11:43) SomeoneElse ♦

sorry I have posted in the wrong place !

(29 Sep '17, 12:06) kalagan83

Yikes, they check ALL edits?! No wonder their maps are never up-to-date.

(29 Sep '17, 16:55) alester

they "validate" them, but don't expect too much from this, it can only catch obvious problems (things you can verify remotely, e.g. with recent aerial imagery).

(06 Oct '17, 12:37) dieterdreist

I wouldn't jump to conclusions from a statement that was undoubtedly prepared to say nothing concrete.

(08 Oct '17, 15:05) SimonPoole ♦

I noticed exactly the same : my edits do not appear anymore on Mapbox maps (including the ones on Strava website).

This is the answer I go from Mapbox support : Because we validate community changes, edits to OSM do not instantly appear on our maps and are at our discretion. We can't guarantee a timeframe for edits to appear but we appreciate your feedback and will continue to work hard to make sure our maps are up-to-date. If you run into any more issues with edits not appearing, our Mapbox Feedback Tool is the best place to inform us what needs to be fixed. Best Nadia

Then now I have to do my work twice : enter my edits in OSM then use the "improve this map" button.

Then my edits appear.

I find it extremely inconvenient and hope that they will change this as soon as possible. Each time I indicate that my HDYC index is quite high and that they could trust me, but I got no feedback from them until now.

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answered 08 Oct '17, 18:47

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Which Mapbox-based maps are you reliant on? Perhaps the community could suggest alternatives that are updated more promptly?

(08 Oct '17, 19:55) SomeoneElse ♦

From what I know Strava has its own map style custom-made by Mapbox. I do not know how to convince Strava to use another maps provider, and it seems easier to convince first Mapbox to change their new "validation process".

(08 Oct '17, 20:00) Christouf0676

Here the last explanation from Strava :

"Hello Jérõme, Sorry about the inconvenience but we rely on Open Street Map and Map Box for the updates that are pushed to Strava. In terms of map updates it's true that they've slowed down updates to maps. It's so they can improve vital parts of the data infrastructure and put in place some more vandalism protection. However if there are specific updates you’re concerned about, please flag them so the Data team can prioritize them in the queue. Again sorry about the inconvenience. Best, Rañola Strava Support Team "

As said Christouf0676 the only way seems to enter edits in OSM then use the "improve this map" button from MAPBOX. (I will try this in the future)

The MAPBOX "validation process" is directly due to the supposed "vandalism protection" which Strava speaks ! Is there a real vandalism on OSM ? Would it be just an excuse to master our editions and why not take ownership of the changes ? This situation is not clear and as usual Strava is still very imprecise and does not give the reasons for this change of course...

(09 Oct '17, 07:34) kalagan83

I have the same problem too. I edit everything from OSM, but edits I did from that didn't appear in Mapbox. Can someone help me to appear my edits to Mapbox? Please?

(17 Mar '18, 02:26) BigKev97

From what I heard from the Strava support, Mapbox is currently working on an "anti-vandalism" system, and will start again to import changes from OSM when it will be operationnal. You can watch this video :

(17 Mar '18, 08:05) Christouf0676

@Christouf067 I wouldn't set too much store by that video - many of "The data team at Mapbox" to which it refers no longer work for Mapbox. The good news is that there are lots of other options for getting at OSM data and OSM maps that enable you to have up to date maps. If an app or map that you were using is showing out of date data, use a different one.

(17 Mar '18, 09:20) SomeoneElse ♦
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I assume that the reason for the 3 month long stay on updates has gone now that has happened.

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answered 10 Oct '17, 16:03

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SimonPoole ♦
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My own experience was that it took about 4 weeks for a change I made to update to Strava and RidewithGPS, but eventually it did update, much to my eventual satisfaction.

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answered 07 Oct '17, 03:04

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I raised this on the Strava Support forum in August 2018 and one of the responses suggested that although Mapbox have incorporated changes, Strava have not updated their map tiles for some time.

veloviewer offers a range of map layers, including OSM-derived tiles which are updated quickly, but requires a paid subscription.

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answered 06 Dec '18, 13:13

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The "Strava Map Switcher" Chrome plugin is the only solution at the moment to have updated OSM maps in Strava !

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answered 29 Mar '19, 11:27

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Thanks for this trick !

(29 Mar '19, 12:41) Christouf0676

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