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Hello Guys,

i am looking for way to get a List of House Numbers which are mapped in OpenStreetMap. I was using a method which is creating a request for every possible HouseNumber when i was looking for a certain street. This doesnt work because i am creating too many requests. So i hope there is a way to get a List of existing house numbers for a certain street.

Thank you very much.

asked 23 Sep '17, 17:21

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Did you know ? You can search after addr:housenumber (based on the map area or town area and filtered by other key values). You can also change the the grafical output to an other type like csv list.

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answered 24 Sep '17, 07:24

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Late answer for me but yes, i managed to make it work using Overpass. Thank you very much! :)

(03 Nov '17, 08:17) mtz93

@mtz93 It would be useful if you post your own answer here or edit the original question and put your query here. So it would be useful for everybody.

(03 Nov '17, 09:35) Sergey Karavay

I was stuck with the same task; get all housenumbers of a given street.

Found this hacky way:

[out:csv("addr:housenumber")][timeout:25]; {{geocodeArea:Gänserndorf}}->.searchArea; ( node["building"]["addr:street"="Hauptstraße"]["addr:housenumber"](area.searchArea); way["building"]["addr:street"="Hauptstraße"]["addr:housenumber"](area.searchArea); relation["building"]["addr:street"="Hauptstraße"]["addr:housenumber"](area.searchArea); ); out body; >; out skel qt;

I have to say, the learning curve can be a wall and I'm not totally happy with the result. Maybe someone else has a nicer version.

Afterwards I used "sort -g" under Linux to sort the list.

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answered 29 Sep '20, 14:58

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edited 29 Sep '20, 18:06

It gets more complicated where associatedStreet relations have been used rather than addr:street on every building...

(29 Sep '20, 17:30) EdLoach ♦

Short hint: instead using node, way, relation with the same condition you can use the short cut nwr [ out:csv("addr:street", "addr:housenumber")][timeout:25]; {{geocodeArea:Gänserndorf}}->.searchArea; ( nwr["building"]["addr:housenumber"]"addr:street"="Hauptstraße"; ); out; ] Edit add code formatting

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answered 30 Sep '20, 20:02

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edited 30 Sep '20, 20:05

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