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Hey All,

Been reading similar topics but really can't find the answer.

Trying to do a full planet import on a dell R230 32gb ram/ 4core 3Ghz / 2x 7200RPM drives in raid0 (I know don't have SSD's)

  • I followed the setup guides for centos7 and below is the command used for import.
  • import line: ./utils/setup.php --osm-file /srv/osm/planet-latest.osm.pbf --all --osm2pgsql-cache 24000 2>&1 | tee setup.log
  • Nodes processed at about 1300k/s while the perform of Ways only seems to be processing at .78k/s. (Other threads seemed to indicate I should be getting in the 10's eg. 40k/s with my HW)
  • Processing: Node(4076728k 1344.6k/s) Way(183316k 0.78k/s) Relation(0 0.00/s)

  • Looking at htop I see it's still processing, cpu is nowhere near busy, ram is 28.8/31.3GB and using approx 6G of swap.

  • Trying to figure out if I screwed up somewhere or just poor hardware. I have no idea how many ways even need processing so I don't know if I'm in for a week or a month of waiting.

If it helps my ultimate use case is reverse geocode lat/lon in large batches. I only need Country/State/City or similar (town/suburb/county etc)/Postal Code not sure if -slim or something else might have helped there.

Any insight is appreciated.


asked 23 Sep '17, 00:43

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NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum