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Is there plugin or easy way to create new area which is surrounded by other existing areas in JOSM? Often there are areas with landuse and white areas between them. I'm looking easy way to fill this space with new area with proper tags. I know plugins 'Contour Merge' and 'ContourOverlappingMerge' which can help this task, but still a lot of clicks. I just want to doubleckick on empty area between other areas and have generated new area from surrounding area sections.

asked 22 Sep '17, 13:38

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OpenStreetMap is not a colouring book. We do not have, and do not want, tags for every possible land use. Therefore it is completely ok and normal for there to be "white areas" between explicitly tagged landuse. Please do not start tagging everything as "grass" or "earth" or whatever just because you dislike seeing white areas on the map.

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answered 22 Sep '17, 14:00

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I'm using OSM to prepare my hiking trips. For me, and I'm sure for other hikers, it's very useful to know what type of terrain surrounds my route. So I'm not a painter who doesn't like white space. I hope someone will answer my question.

(22 Sep '17, 16:25) juhanjuku

I often create a gpx route on a map for distant estimation ( add 10% as no hikes or rides are straight) then display it over an aerial image to do a virtual recce to get an idea of the surface, road, dirt, grass or sand. I agree with Frederik white is good, the map easier to read and you use less ink, or toner, if you print it.

(23 Sep '17, 07:22) andy mackey

It isn't as easy as you want, but the "Follow" tool can help with the task. To start it, make a way with 2 nodes connected to an existing way. Then press "F" to connect the new way to the next node along the existing way.

It doesn't know which way to go at an intersection, so it is necessary to manually connect the new way to the first node on the next existing way.

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answered 23 Sep '17, 13:40

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Thank you, not perfect but better than nothing :)

(23 Sep '17, 14:57) juhanjuku

Can you point to examples of the white areas in question? If you can, I could perhaps give you a few tips.

(23 Sep '17, 19:04) Hjart

Simple example: white area must be natural=scrub

(25 Sep '17, 18:49) juhanjuku

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