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Almost every time I run Vespucci I see OSM bugs nearby.

Often I can fix the reason of the bug, but how to resolve the bug itself (change status of the note)? If I select the note and change its status I get an error after pressing "commit". And when I try to "upload OSM data to server" I have "nothing to upload" message.

Does reporter of the bug get any notifications?

asked 17 Sep '17, 17:39

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Sergey Karavay
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The upload functionality of bugs/notes is separate from the upload functionality of data changes in Vespucci. That is the reason why Vespucci says that you don't have anything to upload. In the same menu where you upload data, is a seperate submenu for bugs/notes. Your changes on bugs appear there, if you choose save after a bug status change. If you choose upload instead, it should upload directly. And I also receive that error message on direct uploads. But it seems to me that it was changed despite the error message, as Simon said above.

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answered 19 Sep '17, 13:48

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Some times the OSMOSE server returns errors when "uploading" multiple bugs, even if it has successfully changed the bug status (not clear why this happens), with other words you can in general ignore the error.

Note if you upload directly from the bug screen you shouldn't get the error.

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answered 17 Sep '17, 20:16

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