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What do you say, how should we tag stop positions of touristic round trip boats? They are not really ferries, they are not really public transport. They often stop a very little points / piers that have no infrastructure and aren't anything near a terminal. Should it still be a ferry_terminal or would another or a new tag be more appropriate?

asked 16 Sep '17, 14:31

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What do "normal" ferry_terminal's have that those little stop points lack? E.g., would it work to tag the stop points as ferry_terminal plus toilets=no and similar tags?

(17 Sep '17, 13:56) dsh4

Hm, first of all they don't have ferries. So you are right, reading your comment I think it is not about the "terminal or not a terminal", but rather about the "ferry or not a ferry (terminal)". If we say that it is not important, if it is a "transport A to B" ferry service or a touristic leisure round trip or "A to B" service, then we should use the ferry_terminal with no "no"-tags, since I think many little ferry stops also lack these. But isn't there any other fitting word for touristic leisure boats, in contrast to a ferry? I feel it would be nicer to have a "tourist_boat_terminal" tag or similar.

(17 Sep '17, 14:53) geohobbes

Currently the couple of examples that I've looked at use ferry_terminal http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/304064845#map=19/46.99032/8.52667 I would say if passengers are allowed to board/unboard then ferry_terminal is not wrong regardless if it is essentially just a pier.

(18 Sep '17, 12:26) SimonPoole ♦

If nobody has another idea meanwhile, I would say ferry_terminal is the best.

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answered 18 Dec '18, 02:55

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