I would like to tag source:maxspeed for 2 directions (forward and backward) on the same road and same part. The tags are:

  • one direction (forward) source:maxspeed=country_code:urban
  • opposite direction (backward) source:maxspeed=country_code:rural

Do I have to tag it "source:maxspeed:forward/backward"? The information is missing in the wiki (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:source:maxspeed)

asked 15 Sep '17, 16:52

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Is it really true that one side of a road is rural and one side urban? Does the place boundary go down the middle of the road?

If this isn't the case, then presumably you shouldn't be using "source:maxspeed" (where you can derive a maxspeed purely from road location - common in some places, not in others) but some other tag - perhaps "maxspeed:type"?

(15 Sep '17, 17:57) SomeoneElse ♦

I have almost entirely stopped using source:= tags as it really should duplicate the information found in the change set comments.

That being said, there are some sections of roads with different speed limits on on each side. I'd tag those maxspeed:forward= and maxspeed:backward=. If one really wanted to put source tags on that, then I'd use source:maxspeed:forward= and source:maxspeed:backward=.

(15 Sep '17, 23:15) stf

I think source tags are very important and, especially in certain cases, can be invaluable. For example, I just used a source:maxspeed tag to locate a Mapillary image that was used to set the maxspeed incorrectly. Fortunately, the original mapper had used the source:maxspeed tag containing a Mapillary URL.

Putting such information in the changeset comment is fine as long as the changeset is small but often they contain too many additions or edits to make that a practical solution in all situations.

(16 Sep '17, 02:06) AlaskaDave

SomeoneElse, yes, it is true. In slovakia and hungary I know some places, e.g. "47.8484, 18.1719" (forward) and "47.84275, 18.17141" (backward) by mapillary captures.

stf, I did it the same way, but I did not find any documentation.

(16 Sep '17, 23:05) istefanos

The :forward and :backward suffixes can be used for many traffic-related keys, even if that possibility is not always mentioned explicitly in the wiki. In this case, there's also more than ten thousand instances of each the two keys already in the database.

So yes, use source:maxspeed:forward/backward for this. (Assuming this actually represents the on-the-ground situation correctly, of course.)

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answered 17 Sep '17, 19:41

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